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“Dancing with the Stars” LIVE!

19 May

I was at Laguna Lake Park in Fullerton last week jogging when I sat on a bench to take a quick breather. I checked my emails and lo and behold saw one from On-Camera Audiences for Season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars!” I am a huge fan of the show and I was psyched for the opportunity to finally watch it live. I immediately signed up and called my friend Rachel Couvrey to invite her to watch the show with me. We lost our chance last year when we couldn’t go because work got hectic. Although we had both wanted to go very badly because of Jennifer Grey the timing was just off. We promised each other that if either one of us got tickets again we’d let the other know. We were so excited! I chose to sign us up for the results night because that’s when they have guest performances from big stars. On Monday night they announced that the legendary Stevie Nicks was going to perform two of her songs. Wow.

I left my car parked at Citadel Outlets since Rachel offered to drive us to CBS Studios. I understand that it’s the same place where they shoot “American Idol.” When we passed by the entrance to the studio at around 1:30pm there was already a line forming, but it wasn’t that bad. Maybe the gloomy weather turned some people away. Good thing we only took one car with us because parking at The Grove shopping center was awfully expensive. It was $24 for a full day. (Gasp!) After parking we grabbed some water and snacks somewhere in the market section of The Grove before navigating back to the entrance of the studio where we waited for about an hour before being escorted inside. While inside, they confiscated our cellphones and we had to sit down and wait for another hour. They told us that they were pre-taping the performance of Pitbull and Ne-Yo, but unfortunately we were about three seats away from the 30 people that they chose to be part of it. Those 30 people actually got to sit down below. Rachel and I were pretty bummed. But I told her to stay positive because who knows we still might get good seats. (I was right!) One of the ladies sitting beside us had already been there before and she filled us in on what to expect and provided us with good conversation and gossip about the celebrities. Close to 5pm when the show was scheduled to start they let us enter and seated us in the balcony. When one of the production assistants saw that there were only two of us she had us wait to the side and then when all the balcony seats were filled up she sat us close to the stairs. Little did we know that Tom and Brooke would be talking from that end during the second half of the show. It was definitely exciting to be in the background shot while they were hosting.

We saw several celebrities at the show including Nick Lachey and his fiancée Vanessa Minnillo. They were there to support Nick’s younger brother Drew Lachey whose dance with partner Cheryl Burke was voted the favorite by fans throughout the 12 seasons of “Dancing with the Stars.” We also got to see American Idol castoff Pia Toscano, the humored girlfriend of DWTS’s Mark Ballas. I saw him kiss her after the show.

There was a lot of downtime during the show and they had this hype person whose task was to get the crowd to cheer. Some parts were pre-taped but I was really grateful we were able to see Stevie Nicks perform live. She had a teleprompter for her song lyrics. It was magical to see all the live dancing and camera movements as it happened. Brooke and Tom were really friendly to us and greeted us while they waited for the camera to be on them. One of my favorite moments was when Ralph Macchio got voted off and he was thanking everyone for their support. You could tell what a sweetheart he truly is.

The show ended at exactly 7pm and outside Rachel and I burst out laughing because they were giving away Salon Perfect lashes. We were like, “Really?” Of all things! But then again A.I.I has been a long-time sponsor of the show. It was mostly funny because we both weren’t expecting it.

With our stomachs grumbling, we decided to try one of the restaurants at The Grove and settled on The Farm of Beverly Hills. Delish! When I got home I watched the replay and had a fit of giggles seeing myself and Rachel clapping behind Tom and Brooke as they were hosting.

I’m so grateful for the experience. I would totally do it all over again. What a blessed day it was!

The golden ticket.

Dolling up before heading over to CBS Studios.

Started waiting in line at 2pm. The show was from 5-7pm.

The long line. Some fans came all the way from Utah.

Hilarious freebies after the show (my eye on the lash carton).

Had Meatloaf at The Farm of Beverly Hills at The Grove.

Grubbing after watching the show.

Got to be on TV behind the hosts! Fun.