Guns N’ Lashes

13 Jul

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to finally be certified in professional semi-permanent lash extensions.  I’ve been itching to learn it for months now and prayed long and hard for this opportunity.  Lash beLong is one of the brands that the company I work for manufactures and it was launched in 2007 when the lash industry first started to explode.  Now women everywhere want it because it looks so natural, you can hardly tell one has extensions on.  You don’t even have to bother with mascara because the lash extensions add instant length and volume to natural lashes.  The best thing about having them on is waking up in the morning looking fresh, wide-eyed and ready to face the day.  

Me with trainer Michelle Bouse and colleague Susie Augustin.

Susie and I with our models Alanna and Elizabeth who lent us 
their time so we could practice on them.
My privileged picture with Lash beLong International Lash Artist Michelle Bouse.

Michelle putting her magical hands to work on Abby.

The best part about the 5-hour training was that Susie and I were the only two trainees  around fully receiving Michelle’s attention.  The training was divided into two parts: 1) basic knowledge and methods and 2) hands-on.  This is the second time I’ve met Michelle.  The first time was at the conference room for a product orientation on Lash beLong.  She is always great with teaching having been blessed with a colorful career in beauty.  Michelle runs her own beauty boutique in Los Angeles and is also a celebrity makeup artist and esthetician.

The hands-on made me very nervous because apply lashes is a very tedious process and it requires ambidextrous skills.  Michelle assured us that over time and with regular practice using both hands will come naturally to us.  She was right!  The more I do it the more comfortable I am with going through all the stress.  I have done 7 girls so far and here is some of my recent work:

If you would like to volunteer for me to practice on you, please message me and let’s find a way to set it up.  It’s a very relaxing treatment (many sleep right through it!) and you’ll have semi-permanent lash extensions that look like your own in an hour. 

As to the ‘Guns’ part of this post…its a long story.  I’ll explain soon.


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