Dinner with Jappy & Tristan (After 10 Years?)

8 Jul

When you move to another country, it’s kind of surreal to meet up with old classmates that you used to see in school every day for four years.  I was really excited when Jappy contacted me on Facebook saying she was in the area and invited me over for dinner.  She also told me that another high school classmate, Tristan, will be joining us.  I was very excited.  Plus, this would be my first time eating at The Boiling Crab.  I had been somewhere similar before but not to this one. 

I finally got to meet Jappy’s husband whose pictures I’d only seen on Facebook.  He’s a really sweet, easy going guy.  All smiles.  Her in-laws were super cool and funny.  Jappy had relocated to her husband’s hometown in Utah about 2 years ago.  Tristan meanwhile had moved to San Diego after high school.  It was amazing to see both of them all grown up already.  It was nice to just enjoy dinner.  Tonight, there were no projects or homework to think of–just life in general.

We were a big group and had to wait an hour to be seated.  Even then, they STILL couldn’t seat as all at one table.  (Waitress was rude!)  We grubbed on fresh oysters, shrimp, catfish and cajun fries. We got all messy with our hands.  Karl had to order extra spicy for us so I was sweating like crazy. Jappy and I certainly had a great time catching up with stories and reminiscing people and events in high school.  

(L-R) Tristan, Jappy’s Husband Thomas, Jappy, Me and Karl.

High school classmates reunited in a land faraway.
Having fun with the short time we had together.

I always like to say, “My world gets smaller every day.”  Thanks for the fun dinner you guys. Until next time.


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