No More Lazy Sundays

14 Jun

I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a lazy Sunday, but that’s okay because I love being productive.  

Today I had the opportunity to meet one of the Philippines’ most respected veteran actors, Michael DeMesa, at the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy and do his makeup for an independent film that he’s working on with Filipino director Jeff Solema.  The film is called “Adjusting Honor” and in it he plays a doctor who helps a soldier cope with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after returning home from war.  It was kind of surreal because I grew up watching him on TV and in films.  He was always great at playing the bad guy and I thought I’d be meeting a similar character, but in real life he was very soft-spoken and polite. 

He  walked in the room looking a bit exhausted from driving all the way to Los Angeles.  “It took me two hours to get here,” he said demonstrating with his fingers.  “Two.”  When I mentioned that I was from Cebu he responded to me in our dialect.  “Kapuy kaayu,” he said.  “I’m tired.”

Michael recently moved to Southern California to try and break into the acting scene.  He shared that he is working on putting together a demo reel with English dialogues since much of his work in the past was done in Filipino.  “Well this is a great start,” I said.  I find it so humbling and commendable when someone as talented as him is brave enough to start fresh and pursue bigger challenges especially in such a competitive industry.  

With Michael’s genuine acting chops and longevity in Philippine showbiz, I am very excited for him and wish him the very best.  If you are in L.A., you can catch him at the 2nd Annual Filipino International Film Festival Los Angeles in September where “Adjusting Honor” will be featured.  

With Michael right before doing his makeup.

Products I Used:
1) Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15-leaves no greasy film; perfect for every day wear under makeup
2) Sephora Smoothing Primer-a freebie I got with my Beauty Insider card
3) Smashbox High Definition Concealer-Light
4) Mary Kay Beige 304 Medium-Coverage Cream Foundation
5) Bronzer-used it on his temples and all the way down to his cheeks to create definition  where light often hits the face

I was also there to do makeup on Larry Sands, the main character in the film and Karl for his second music video.  Jeff wanted to shoot some indoor scenes with Karl grooving to the music.  They had rented this 35mm high definition camera for the weekend,which is supposed to be awesome and based on the raw footage that I saw I know this video is going to be even more amazing than the first.  We were all laughing because Jeff had become so attached to the camera.  Here’s a funny picture collage of Jeff wistfully saying goodbye to his favorite camera before returning it later in the afternoon.  Man, you’d think that camera was alive!

A new generation in music…

Karl in the spotlight.

Jeff and Karl.

Jaydee (left), Jeff’s cousin, was around to assist.  Cool guy.

On the way home, excited to watch the Lakers win today’s game only to be disappointed…

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