9 Jun

Things have been so crazy at work lately that I’ve been missing my 15 minute breaks and  eating late lunches.  There’s an upcoming beauty trade show in July and everyone’s scrambling around trying to beat deadlines.  Whoever warned me about June being ‘hell month’ was absolutely right.  The minute you step into the office you’re immediately sucked into the momentum of this big mean machine and until you say ‘stop!’ you’ll find yourself going and going just like the energizer bunny.

At around 1:30 p.m. and with my empty stomach groaning loudly, I finally stepped out into the bright sunshine to grab a quick lunch at the Citadel.  The three-minute brisk walk proved to be a nice mini stress reliever up until I saw two men almost get hit by a huge pick-up truck.  By the time the male driver stopped, the front end of his truck was already halfway across the pedestrian crossing.  As I passed by the two men I looked at them and shook my head as if empathizing with them on the driver’s carelessness.  One of them, with a  cup of Starbucks coffee in hand, said to me, “He didn’t stop for us but he sure did stop for you!”  I laughed and kept on shaking my head.  I’m fully aware that I’m human but it’s times like these when I’m reminded I’m a woman.

This funny encounter led me to wonder:
Are we often too lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to stop and make way for others?  And more importantly, do we choose whom to stop and make way for?

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