Books and Moods

31 May

Today one of my goals was to find a gift for my Tita’s daughter who is turning eight years old next Saturday.  I decided to head over to Borders hoping to find her something fun and useful.  

I love hanging out at bookstores.  It’s peaceful yet mentally stimulating.  In the Philippines I spent a lot of time at National Bookstore and whenever my Mom would let me choose between a new book or a new top, the book always won.  One of my dreams is to have a huge library with thousands of books like Beast in Beauty and the Beast.  The kind where you have to climb a ladder to reach the top shelves.  I imagine cleaning might be difficult.

Every time I visit Borders I try to promise myself that I’d be quick.  Just get what you need and go!  But eventually I become distracted, greedy and enamored by the bounty of education around me.  Before I know it five minutes becomes an hour and I’m balancing several books in my arms.  Then I can’t make up my mind on which one to get.  I start reminding myself that there are still a couple of books at home that I need to read so I can avoid the temptation to spend.  And when I’m too lazy to bring them back to their shelves I simply set them aside on a pile somewhere on the way to the cash register and whisper, “I’ll come get you next time.” 

Borders does not only have great books.  They also have a lot of cool merchandise.  While I was perusing through the aisles, I chanced upon The Daily Mood.  It’s a fun flipchart with 47 different moods to choose from.  I thought, Wow! It’s like having your Facebook status on your desktop for colleagues to see.  Even funnier is that at the back of the flipchart it has silly definitons of whatever mood you’ve chosen.  It lists all moods in alphabetical order.  I can’t wait to set it up on my desk tomorrow and see the look on people’s faces.  I think I’ll have to keep using ‘Scattered’ often so my boss can take a hint. Haha.

                                                                                          Yes, I’m moody. 


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