Caring Instructions for Miles (Our Puppy)

6 Oct

So this is something that’s totally unrelated to what this blog is all about and what it should be.  But I’m posting it anyway because it gave me a fit of the giggles this morning.  (UPDATE: I’ve changed my mind again about this blog!)

When my boyfriend told me he was going to leave me with caring instructions for our pet while he went away on a business trip, I didn’t expect it to be a page long; and I certainly didn’t expect it to be so thorough!  Imagine my surprise when I saw the list below nicely laid out on our kitchen counter (remind me to get magnets for the fridge) and another one in my email (so I can read it at work, he said).  Wow!  In all my life I’ve never met such a committed dog owner.

It’s actually quite an entertaining read.  Now if only the last bullet point weren’t so hard to do…

  • Going potty: Miles needs to be taken out regularly in order to potty.  Here are a few guidelines:
    • Upon rising, take him out to go pee.  Before going out, be sure place his paw on the button to ring the bell and say, “go potty” in a pleasant voice.  After he pees, praise him.  (At this point, he doesn’t know how to use the pet chime on his own).
    • About 15-30 minutes after he eats, take him out to poop.  He might need to pee again.
    • EVERY TIME you take him out of his crate, take him out to potty.  Again, have him use the pet chime.
    • Look for signs that he has to go.  If he’s obsessively sniffing the ground, that’s a sign.  Sometimes, he’ll sit next to the front door.  Other signs to look out for are hyper behavior, pacing, and irritability.
    • Please be aware that if he drinks a lot of water, expect him to be taken out more often.
  • Feeding: Feed Miles twice a day, NO MORE than 2 cups per meal (2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the evening).  The best times to feed him are immediately after taking him out for his morning potty (around 6:30am-7:00am and around 7:00pm. 
  • Walking: Please take Miles for a brisk walk for at least 30-45 minutes daily.  Best time to walk him is the afternoon when you get home from work.  If he starts to get hyper during the walk, STOP IN YOUR TRACKS IMMEDIATELY.  Slightly yank on the leash and say “NO!”  After he calms down, resume your walk.  Do your best to keep him on your side.
  • Crating: Please use only hot dogs to lure Miles into his crate.  Once Miles has been lured inside his crate, feed him the hot dog with your left hand through the grating but do not let him grab the treat just yet.  While he’s attempting to take it from your left hand, close the gate with your right hand.  Once the crate is locked, then release the treat on your left hand.  ALWAYS CRATE HIM WHEN HE’S GOING TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED.

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