Colbie Caillat’s "Breakthrough" Tour 2009

16 Sep

I was looking for a way to reward myself after recently passing my California Stateboard Licensure exam in Esthetics and came upon Colbie Caillat’s tour at  I’ve been an avid fan of hers ever since she came out with her first hit single “Bubbly”  and I recently bought her second CD entitled “Breakthrough.”  So I jumped at the chance and treated me and boyfriend to her concert on Sept. 16th at the Anaheim House of Blues.  It was very hectic trying to make to the Anaheim House of Blues after work.  The event was supposed to start at 6 o’clock, but when we arrived at the venue there were still dozens of people lined up outside waiting to get in.  The crowd consisted mainly of teenagers and young adults.  The place was packed when we went inside, but I was able to reserve a spot for us right behind the the sound technicians while Karl went to grab a beer.  I’ve never been to this venue before and didn’t expect it to be a stand-up event.  I was just grateful that I wasn’t wearing high heels.  Can you imagine being in three-inch heels for four hours straight?  Torture. 

Two artists performed before Colbie.  One of them was Andy Davis who was amazing on the piano and had awesome vocals.  I’ve never heard his music before but he had great stage presence and was wonderful with the audience.  The second one was Howie Day whose music I have heard on the radio before.  Little did I know that he is the singer of the song “Collide.”  His music was great but he didn’t do very well with connecting with the audience.

Then came Colbie Caillat.  It was about a 30 minute wait for her with the set change, sound tests and all.  Poor Karl he had an allergy attack that night and was getting very impatient.  So she came out and I was surprised to see that she is actually a little heavier in person compared to when  you see her on her music videos.  They really make her appear like she has a supermodel body on her music videos.  She is super gorgeous though and has beautiful golden hair.  She resembles Jennifer Aniston so much-a true California beauty..  Her makeup was flawless, but I’m not sure I can say the same for her outfit. 

In the first few songs you couldn’t hear her voice very clearly, but they seemed to have fixed that problem later on.  She sounds great live and her band is fun to watch.  The teenage girls behind us couldn’t stop screaming when she introduced one of her cute band members.  He is the one singing “Realize” with her in the video below.  This really hyped me up.  After that she sang her latest single to hit the radio, “Falling for You,” which is really catchy like many of her songs.

It was a magical night for sure.  She is one of the singer-songwriters I really admire because of her effortless and raspy voice.  The lyrics of her songs also make you want to fall in love over and over.  With her second album being much like her first album, maybe she can offer something new in her third album.  Can’t wait!


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